Vasilis – Architectural Landscapes II

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  • Vasilis’ connection with the Ionian island of Paxos is rooted and profound. Both his parents were born of the island and he spent most summers of his life there. He moved permanently to Paxos in 1995.

    Though his paintings do not directly represent the island, they are affected by its space and light. Solid resonant colors are allied to a powerful geometry and reflect the underlying resilience and strength of the bright island landscapes. By assimilating the lessons of French Cubism and adapting them to his own experience, Vasilis has managed to create a deeply personal synthesis. Though his art tends to abstraction in its compositions, it is clearly rooted in a concrete experience of a place and a lifetime spent there.

    The proceeds from all his Paxos exhibitions go back to the island that has nurtured his art, in a spirit that like the art, is generous and hardy.

    Chris Boïcos, June 2014