Getting around while in Paxos

Although Paxos is a fairly small island, if you want to explore the entire island you will definitely need to use some of the means of transportation available:

Buses: There are 3 routes during the day on the island, going around the
island starting from and returning to Gaios. Buses pass by all major villages
of the island and you can use them to reach most places.


Taxi: On the island there are five taxis that you can call and will take you to
every part of the island. However you should be aware that especially in
periods that tourism is in its peak season, it is likely to have to wait for some
time until you find an available taxi.

Bus terminal – Taxi (Gaios)
Taxi phones:
Nikos Mourikis: +30 6974349260
Tasos Mourikis: +30 6976648486
Costas Adiohos: +30 6974002236
Christos Argiros: +30 6977472747
Nikos Bogdanos: +30 6974135660

Rent a car/bike/ATV/boat:

One of the best options for your transportation on the island is to rent your own means of transportation, so you will have the opportunity to go to every part of the island, either by land or by sea at any time of the day you want. On the island there are several such rental agencies which will definitely serve your every need.

Renting a car is a smart choice if you are a family or a group of 4 persons, as it the most economical one. However be aware that there are restrictions on destinations that can be reached, as the rental agencies do not allow access to places where there is no asphalted road, which applies to a large part of the island.


Motorcycles or scooters are an economical solution for up to 2 people and gives you the advantage of crossing through very narrow roads where cars don’t fit through. Bikes also have the added advantage of easy parking anywhere.


The ATVs ( “gourounes”(=pigs) as they are known as in Greece) is also a very good choice because they can access various parts of the island that are difficult to reach by other means of transportation due to the rough condition of some roads (like dirt roads, etc.). They are certainly the most practical solution for 2 people and an experience that you will remember because of their driving behaviour.

To rent a motor vehicle if you are under 21 years old, an additional legal document is required which will be prepared for you at a small extra cost.


    Ionian Rent A Car, Bikes and ATV

    Explore the beautiful island of Paxos with the car – moto – atv rental company, “IONIAN RENT A CAR, BIKES & ATV” which is located in Gaios. By car ,moto or Atv you can visit the picturesque villages of Lakka and Loggos, with access to all of the beaches on the east coast of Paxos. Read more [...]


    Routsis Holidays Car Hire

    Explore the beautiful island of Paxos with our car rental company which is located in Lakka. By car you can visit the picturesque villages of Gaios, Loggos, Magazia and Fontana as well as Mongonisi to the south. With access to all of the beaches on the east coast of Paxos and to the beaches of Read more [...]


    Vassilis Rent a Bike

    Our company is located in the centre of Gaios near the bus stop since 1982. Our scooters vary in size and models and they are all inspected by our specialised team of mechanics. To rent a scooter, driving experience is required and a category A driver’s license for motorcycles. For your convenience we can Pick Read more [...]

The best means of transportation you could rent while on the island which will offer you a completely unique experience, is to rent a boat! This way you can go to different parts of the island that are not accessible by land as well as various beaches in the west side which offer a privacy that you will surely enjoy. At the same time you will be able to explore the myriad caves of Paxos, and of course the island of Antipaxos. If you want to rent a boat, there are boats under 30 hp that you can hire without a skipper’s license, or for larger boats, there are some offices that also offer skipper services if you need to hire one.

Paxos by Boat

On the island there are several boats that you can board and go on their route, going mainly, either directly to Antipaxos, or cruising around the island first. A small cruise worth going on since it includes places that can only be reached by sea, especially on the western part of the island. Trips start early in the morning and there are many to chose from throughout the day until a little before sunset.

Information on times and ticket prices can be found in the harbour.

Explore the sea depths of Paxos

At Paxos there are many uniquely beautiful diving spots and many tourists come from many parts of the world to enjoy diving there. There are various underwater attractions such as underwater caves (a favourite object for cave divers), an ancient sunken port and many other marvellous destinations, for more advanced divers.. It is obvious that Paxos is an island which is a must for all lovers of diving!


    Paxos Oasi Sub

    In the picturesque and beautiful Lakka at Paxos and right next to the bus stop of the village, there is the diving equipment shop Paxos Oasis Sub. The store has a continuous and steady course on the island of Paxos since 1995 through its founder Spiros Kolovos, who has starred in the emergence of rar Read more [...]

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