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Find the list of the best and cheapest Villas available in Paxos Ionian Island, Greece. The best resorts you can find . For more information, read inside.


    Angelo’s Village

    At one and a half kilometres from the picturesque village of Lakka, in a beautiful olive grove, is located the apartment complex ANGELOS VILLAGE, one of the best and potentially highest quality options for accommodation in the north side of Paxos island. The stunningly designed accommodations are located in a read more


    Galazio Sunset Villa

    Galazio Sunset Villa is located on the western side of the island near the beach Galazio. It is offering its visitors some breathtaking moments of relaxation in a luxurious setting in nature. The villa offers easy access and private parking.


    Villa Electra

    Villa Electra combines its exquisite esthetics with the beautiful landscape, and this makes it one the most luxurious rooms you can hire on the beautiful island of Paxos. The colours are earth colours and in both rooms the scent of wood prevails. Villa Elektra has a long history since Robert read more


    Pacos Resort

    Pacos Resort is in the heart of a luscious and most beautiful olive grove surrounded by the crystal clear blue waters of the Ionian Sea. From this resort, from any angle, you can enjoy for hours the mesmerizing view of Gaios which makes it a perfect staring point to explore read more


    Villa Meliti

    Villa Meliti is at Fontana on Paxos Island. It is a tasteful single floor stone building on a 300 m2 ranch, overlooking both the sea and the countryside. It is an ideal choice both for family vacations in privacy as well as honeymoons. With 2 bedrooms out of a total read more


    Villa Oceanis

    Villa Oceanis is right on the outskirts of the settlement of Lakka, overlooking the port and the entire settlement due to its high position on the hill. It includes 3 bedrooms, 2 with two single beds and one with a double, 2 bathrooms, one shower and one bathtub, and a read more


    Alekos Villa

    Villa Alekos is the ideal choice for anyone looking for accommodation in a spacious, modern villa near Loggos, one of the most picturesque seaside settlements of Paxos Island. Situated amidst olive groves in a quiet area, it is perfect for a relaxing vacation. Living in this family villa means you read more


    Villa Finikas

    Villa Finikas is ​​one of the oldest houses on the island and has recently been renovated. Located in the central settlement of Antipaxos, just one minute from the path that leads to the harbor and the beaches on the eastern side of this magnificent island. You can admire the vine read more


    Villa Violeta

    Villa Violeta is located on the hilltop ” Plaka”, which is on the east side of the beautiful Antipaxoi. You are going to impressed with the view of the green hill filled with pine trees and vineyards and the sea to the mountains of Epirus. Additionally, you can access a read more

  • Anassa Villas

    The five fully equipped Anassa Villas & Anassa Mare are situated just above the beautiful coastline Kloni Gouli on the eastern side of the island. Located 500 meters from the main port of Gaios.

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