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Attractions in Paxos- Visit themost beautiful and interesting attractions, museums and sights in Paxos Island, Greece. For more information, read inside.

  • The old olive press Museum

    In an old stone mill of the 18th century, just outside the village Magazia, is situated the Olive Museum. There you have the opportunity to learn the secrets of oil production, as well as the cultural history of Paxos. In the museum you can learn all about traditional oil production read more

  • The Ostries

    In Bogdanatika opposite the church of the Blessed Virgin Mary begins a narrow but easy to cross, pleasant and short path. Between stone-built fences and walls, passing first by villas and traditional houses and then by olive groves, the rocky ground is gradually replaced by rocky limestone. Then you will read more

  • The cliffs of Mousmouli

    A beautiful path that leads to one of the most steep cliffs of Paxos with an altitude of 45m. One of the most ideal places to watch the sunset, and savour the endless sea on the west side and the breathtaking view of Mousmouli.