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Paxos is known to have the most beautiful beaches in the whole Greece. Crystal clear turquoise waters, white steep cliffs and soft white sand.

  • Vrika Beach

    Vrika beach in Antipaxos is a fantastic beach for you to swim. It has white sand, and the sea is crystal clear and blue, which makes it ideal for snorkeling. At Vrika beach, on the northern side, you will find a small cave which you must visit! You can get read more

  • Voutoumi Beach

    The beach Voutoumi at Antipaxoi is one of the most beautiful beaches in Greece. The crystal clear waters and white sand combined with vegetation of the small island, create a heavenly landscape.

  • Plakes Beach

    The beach” Plakes” is located on the coastal road from Gaios to Mongonissi. A lovely little beach with dense vegetation and small pebbles to walk down a small footpath from the road. There are also rocks for sunbathing.

  • Galazio Beach

    The beach Galazio is located south on the west coast of Paxos and took its name from its crystal blue waters. It is one of the most beautiful beaches of the island and is only accessible by boat.