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  • St. Spiridon on Kaltsionisi island

    Agios Spiridon on Kaltsionisi, of Jorji Anemogianni listen in 1686, restored in 1750. At 1686 the painting of Virgin Mary was brought here by the citizens of Veliantatika that came to the island from Souli. Afterwards, the painting was moved to the new Virgin Mary church.

  • The monastery of Panagia

    Yperagia Theotokos on the Holy island of Panagia. The existing temple seem to have been built on the site of an ancient christian church. It is mentioned in the 1686 list as old and ruined. Probably it was restored by the Vellianitis family. In 1720 a monastery with ten monks read more

  • The Ipapandi of Jesus

    Not far from Lakka port, hidden in a secluded all – green valley, far from prying eyes, we find the village of Grammatikeika, where one of the oldest and most beautiful churches of Paxos is situated, the church called “Ipapandi of Jesus”. The church was build by two brothers, Adam read more