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Discover on-line the list of the most amazing and quality restaurants and
wineries available at Paxos Ionian Island, Greece. For more information,
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    In case you happen to be just outside of Gaios desiring a good meal at the best of prices, the traditional restaurant Lithari is one of the best choices you can make when it comes to food. In a beautiful green and cool environment, that is extremely friendly and aesthetic, read more


    Sabbia Marrone Restaurant

    Near the wild sea, at Lakka’s one place that has only beach, Sabbia Marrone restaurant can be found which is now under new management. You can enjoy your meal or drink your coffee at the amazing semi-outdoor space which looks towards the West and you can lose yourself in the read more


    Taverna Vassilis

    Taverna Vassilis, with 60 years of experience in the food industry, and still a member of the same family, has been evolving harmoniously on Loggos bay. Here you will taste traditional dishes, and with our experience in satisfying the visitors’ needs and demands, and our chef’s creative imagination, our restaurant read more


    Tolis Grill House

    With a long tradition stretching back to 1973, Tolis Grill house is one of the most famous spots to have a meal at Loggos of Paxos Island. Having always been a family business, Tolis has some unique flavors like the homemade balsamic vinegar and the salad dressing, coming together wonderfully read more



    Sunset restaurant is with no exaggeration one of the staples of the restaurant business on Paxos Island. This family business has a long tradition of 40 years. Its roots stem from the Avlonitis’ family first restaurant opened in Lakka by the father of the family, Mr. Spiros and his wife read more


    O Ilias

    Situated in a beautiful area at Magazia of Paxos island with a beautiful garden, Elias Grillhouse is one of the best options available in central Paxos to enjoy your lunch or dinner. Available you will find a variety of meat dishes like beef and pork steak, kontosouvli (rotisserie of slow read more



    Island vacation, summertime and ice cream are images that are surely identical in all of our minds. “But what kind of ice cream?”, however, is a question that takes on a whole new meaning for those lucky enough to find themselves at Gaios port. That is because Michalis and Litsa read more



    Amidst the whimsical narrow streets of Gaios, on Boikou square, next to the central square of the island’s capital, is Lampis’ tavern, a family business that is entering a new era with a total renovation and menu overhaul. With a renewed focus on seafood, it has been providing service with read more



    Located in one of those little streets, at about 30meters from the sea, is Lakkiotikon. One of the top of the list and most familiar spots of the island of Paxoi, Lakkiotikon has the character and the quality of service which will make it your favourite place to be. A read more



    You will find Fannis Coffee Bar at Lakka beach, right where the sea meets the sand. Keeping with tradition since 1991, Fannis possesses the required experience to provide goods and services for any time of the day. The menu is small by choice to avoid redundancy, and it is still read more


    Four seasons

    Four Seasons restaurant is on Zoodohou Pigis square, next to the church of Panagia. Operating since 1999 as a café, this family business got restructured last year and redeveloped as a restaurant, now serving a series of delicious dishes ready to satisfy any craving you might get during the day. read more



    Anyone lucky enough reach the settlement of Lakka and decide to reach its beautiful port, will inevitably stumble upon Mandi’s. Mandi was born in England but has been a Paxos resident for the past 30 years. For the past two she has been running this unique family business, one of read more


    Vasilis Grillhouse

    Culinary options clearly abound for anyone visiting Gaios, even for island dwellers. There is a special family restaurant in town, however, that has been keeping with tradition for the past 12 years. Grill-Restaurant Vasilis has all the necessary qualities to provide a truly unforgettable experience. Quality is clearly top priority read more


    Dal Pescatore

    Anyone lucky enough to stroll through the gorgeous town square at Gaios, capital of Paxos Island, can easily realize the value of enjoying a meal right where the sea meets the sand. Tavern Dal Pescatore, whose owner has been part of the restaurant scene for over 15 years, offers you read more


    Arriva Restaurant

    With over 10 years experience in the field of provisioning, the restaurant-fish-tavern Arriva is situated in the center of the magnificent graphic harbor of Lakka in Paxoi, undeniably one of the most beautiful spots of the Mediterranean, also known for its splendid sunset. There, Arriva  will offer you every bit read more



    Mediterraneo is a family fish taverna in Manesco, near the entrance of Gaios. It first opened in 1997, by a family intimately connected with the sea and fish. It is a nice and quiet place, traditionally decorated and surrounded by pergolas and palm trees. From inside the taverna you can read more


    Genesis Restaurant

    One of the oldest restaurants in Gaios is the Genesis. The restaurant is a little raised and you can see the classic statue Anemoyannis. The uniqueness of a point in conjunction with pentanostima dishes offer a unique taste, and not only experience. It is worth noting that in the history read more


    Stasinos Garden Restaurant

    In one of the most beautiful streets of Lakka, you can enjoy a delicious lunch or dinner! The tavern Garden, since 1994, is a place for lovers of fresh fish from the Ionian and beyond. Every day the fishermen of the island, are bringing the tavern the valuable catch that read more


    Snack Bar Europe

    The snack bar Europe is indicated for take away or drink your coffee or enjoy a meal in the charming port of Longos. Family-runed since 1980 and stays open from the early morning until late evening. From the variety of coffees we recomend you the Greek because it is made read more


    Nassos Tavern

    Overlooking the beautiful harbor of Longos and just by the sea, you can enjoy a delicious lunch or dinner! The tavern Nassos, is 42 years now a place for lovers of fresh fish Ionian Sea. Every day fishing boats from Paxos bring in the “Nassos’ the valuable catch and guests read more

  • Sakoulitsa

    Despite being tiny on the outside, at Sakoulitsa you can find a wide variety of products to fill in your urge for sweets and salty food, and to satisfy your thirst. Located within the alley right in front of the main square of Gaios, Sakoulitsa is full of deserts for read more

  • Ladocharto

    Ladocharto is justifiably a sort of an institution both for locals and for visitors of Paxos island. Its unique character and its owner, Filippos (a persona you have to meet) will win you over and make Ladocharto one of your standard choices on Paxos. Even ordering in Ladocharto is a read more