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    Zacharenia Balonia

    At Zacharenia Balonia in Gaios, you will find everything you need for the organisation and decoration of events (wedding-baptism-party-store opening). Gifts for all occasions and all ages as well as decoration items for your home and garden. Balloons in a variety of colours and shapes, helium balloons and even balloon-constructions. Candy read more



    The shop Korali (Coral) in Gaios at Paxos is designed to meet all your needs for your marine exploration, be it in diving, snorkelling or swimming. Korali is the official store on the island of Paxos for various companies dealing with these sports, such as Mares, X-Dive, as well as read more

  • Taste and flavor of olive

    There are some stores that make a difference in their local (and beyond) community with their unique identity and character, offering services that positively escape the norm. Businesses that check all the boxes when it comes to starring in the local economy using traditional products. One such business is on read more

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