Fireflies: A Magical phenomenon in Paxos

fireflies in paxos
Photos by: George Angelis
On the island of Paxos, from late April to early May, you can enjoy a unique natural spectacle : Swarms of fireflies flooding the fields and the olive trees when the night falls.
Fireflies are insects in the beetle order Coleoptera, which have the ability to physically produce light from the back of their body. These strange little insects use light to attract mates.
A walk in the wilderness, away from the city lights will lead you among numerous fireflies ,flying and flashing! Witnessing this spectacular natural phenomenon up close is something unique. Thousands of tiny lights can give you the impression that you are literally walking among the starsfireflies (4)fireflies (5)fireflies (3) fireflies (2)fireflies (1) fireflies (7) fireflies (6)
To take a good picture of the fireflies you will need to go to the place you have chosen with the proper equipment (a tripod, a lens, a camera with a shutter etc.) It’s best if you go before dusk to have time to prepare while there’s still daylight. Once the sun sets the fireflies will appear and … pose for you, giving you not only pictures of rare beauty but also a wonderful experience under the night sky of Paxos.